Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to wear a Mid-part

Centre parts are everything right now. An Off-shoot of Normcore check out our rad post on it 
Here are some inspiration for ways to wear a centre part. It's such an easy to wear style, bed-head, Or slicked back (like I a certain Kardashian does - I refuse to post photos of any of them). 

Dark Hair 

I adore pastel coloured hair (still) and I think this is a perfect combination. 

I have an ombre andI quite like slicking it either back or into a centre-part for a sleek ready-to-wear-look. 

Beautiful and textured. 

I love the following two hair styles because they are for shorter hair! It's so hard to find great styles for short hair.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

D.I.Y Tie-dye nails

I love nail art.

So my nails were looking pretty shit, and I was inbetween going to get them 'did at the salon, so I decided to try tie-dying them.


What you will need:
  • What ever nail polish colours you wish to use. 
  • A jar/container you don't mind getting stained.  
  •  A toothpick or cotton bud. EASY. 

I chose 3 colours and one clear top coat.

I re-used an old jam jar. 
1. Start by cell-o-taping around your nails. That may sound weird, but this gets MESSY and trust me, you want to avoid as much excess polish on your fingers as you can. 

2. Now slowly drip the nail polish in the jar of water, it should sit on the surface of the water, you can use a tooth pick or a cotton bud to mix up the colours in any pattern your we heart desires.  

3. Dip those digits! Make sure to completely cover each nail. You will probably need to top up the nail polish you drip into the water after every second or third finger.

4. ....Which is cool 'cause  you have slightly unique designs on every finger!

5. Now just let those bad boys dry before you peel off the tape. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Wait. Watch an episode of The Simpsons. 

Even Tina Turner can force herself to wait.

And hey presto! Tie-dyed nails. x

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Featured Brands and Shops:

 I love make-up. I do.
But usually when I'm trying to find some that is both cute and cruelty free I'm all....

It's hard out here for a fashion conscious gal that also wants to be cruelty free.

That's why when I found Complexions on Instagram I was pretty psyched! They do pretty awesome make-up and it's all cruelty free. I bought the Sweet Pea & Fay Tea Cup in opaque soft neon pink and the U.S brand Concrete Minerals eye primer.

First, I used the primer on my eyes. I'm not big on lots of make-up so the fact that it was tinted was enough eyeshadow for me. I LOVED how creamy it is to apply.

The before picture is just my eyebrows and a bit of foundation. The after picture I'm wearing foundation, eyebrow pencil, false eyelashes and a tiny bit of white just under the brows to smooth out the lines - and of course the primer!

Concrete Minerals - Electric Eye Primer

Before:                                                                        After: 

SweetPea & Fay - Opaque Soft Neon Pink Lipstick        
I didn't do a before picture for the lipstick because it's a pretty basic idea what colour lips are with no make-up (Lollz). 
I was surprised by how think this goes on! (They were not joking when they said it was opaque). The colour is great, because it lasts for hours and you only need to use a bit. I recommend applying with a brush - it just goes on better. 

Full make-up below. If you're wondering I used Thin Lizzy Mineral powder and concealer which is also Vegan. 

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mid Summer Wish List - Accessories

Seeing as it's the season of barely any clothes, I thought it would be a good idea to do an accessories only Wishlist! I have also made the list up of only New Zealand designers, so make sure to check out the online websites!

1. This pair of Commoners Slides 

6. And finally, this SYLVESTER Bucket Hat

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Urban Nights and City Lights

These pictures were taken last summer in Melbourne when I went for a visit.
i still love pastel hair and am thinking of doing something like this again!

Top: Vintage Crop
Pants: Sans Pareil Harem pants 
Backpack: Vintage 
Shoes: Asos Flat-form Creepers 
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lonely Bones + Lonely Rose + Moi

You might notice from the second banner above that I have partnered up with Lonely Bones Boutique a bit lately and done a featured blog post featuring the latest lookbook. 

For the second half of that partnership I was sent this AMAZING Lonely Rose kimono. Which is pretty much my new favourite item of clothing. It goes with everything, looks great on, is SO easy to wear, PLUS it's perfect for summer. 

So yes, TWO thumbs from me. 

AND I have a promo code for ya'll: If you would like an extra 30% off (who doesn't?!) this weekend only, type in "take30" at the checkout. 

The very last think I want to mention is that Lonely Rose is a local (as in New Zealand) label so it's great to be able to support my fellow Kiwi's. 

Hat: H&M Canada 
Top: Cotton On 
Midi Skirt: Sans Pareil 
Shoes: Rubi Shoes 

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Friday, January 2, 2015

D.I.Y - High Waisted Bikini

 Hello world.

First post of 2015!
Wooohooo!! Hope everyone had fun.

 Now back to business. One thing about being a blogger is you're often sent merch to review or simply feature on said blog. Lots of the time you don't however, get to choose WHAT you get. I got these 3 pairs of togs to review(which you can read here) which was awesome; however, none of them are my style.

These togs were my favourite and I had the idea that they would look even better as a high waisted bikini. So below I will share how I did it (so damn simple).

1. Start with said togs and line up where you think you should cut. Remember that these are going to be HIGH waisted and that you need about 3-4cms for the fold over so be generous with how much material you leave on the bottom.

2.  Once you've decided where, try and cut as straight a line as possible (this makes it easy for you to sew later on).

3. Next, get some elastic band. About 3cm's thick (like the picture below) and use your waist as measurement for how long to make it. Pin it the inside of the waist. leave about 2cms of material at the top and fold it over the elastic so it's predominately covered. You should just be able to see a a bit of it on the inside.

4. Last step- sew it! Just run it through on the sewing machine, repeat for the bikini top and you're done!

Enjoy wearing your new bikini! xx
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